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Install Bastly.

Ready to use with one line of code.

//Use YOUR ownApiKey, "alice" is the user that will send messages 
var bastly = bastly({
                from: "alice",
                apiKey: "testApikey",
                callback: function (data){
                    console.log("got data in channel alice");

  /* Remember to include bastly JS Library
  <script src=""></script>
Bastly bastly = new Bastly(FROM, APIKEY, MESSAGECALLBACK, MODEL);
/* Remember to include your graddle dependency
    compile 'com.bastly:bastlysdk:1.0.3'

Send data.

Data is any JSON object.

//alice sends "bob" a message
bastly.send("bob", { msg: "Hello bob!" });
bastly.send("destinationChannel", new Play("fireball", "fire", 8));

Receive updates in realtime in any platform.

Bastly responds immediately to data communications as they occur.

//bob is listening to messages sended to him
bastly.subscribe("bob", function(data) {
  //from is who sended data, in this case is "alice" 
  alert(from + " says: " + data.msg);

A growing family.

We know that apps are built in many platforms, Bastly plays nicely with many of them.

Javascript, Node, Android, Java